Who we are

Vegan Outreach Scotland (VOS) holds to the vision of a sustainable Vegan world where no sentient being suffers to become our food, our clothing, our science experiment or any other form of exploitation.

Appealing to the public to change their eating habits is, of course, just one part of the change that needs to occur before a Vegan world emerges.

If public demand for meat, fish, and dairy products declines then suppliers will have to change their output accordingly.

Farmers for Stock Free Farming (FFSFF) – website coming soon – looks at supporting farmers who are curious about growing plant protein crops as an alternative to livestock agriculture.

The Vegan Society has produced an excellent report that gives specific examples of green protein crops that can be cultivated in a sustainable way in the UK.

This can only happen on a significant scale if our government embraces the vision and provides incentives to farmers to switch to plant-based agriculture. Writing and meeting with MPs on a local level is another task for VOS. Many policy-makers have already shown an interest in plant-based agriculture.

One huge boost is that the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is a Vegan! (http://www.kerrymccarthymp.org/)…and an outspoken one at that! Although this is a devolved position in Scotland, power holders from both countries are said to work closely together on these critical issues.

What, I hear you ask, is going to happen to all the farmed animals when we are no longer conspiring to eat them?

This is where VOS, FFSFF, and the government will join forces in creating rescue sanctuaries for previously farmed animals, spaying and neutering animals when necessary to prevent further production, and designing programs so that the public can sponsor, foster or adopt an animal for the rest of their natural, healthy life. This make take place on existing farms, sanctuaries, or – where people have suitable space – in privately owned gardens and land.

May All Beings Be Happy. May All Beings Be Free from Suffering.

I hate spring

Spring is a stressful time for me. I dread it. Eggs fall out of nests, fledglings fail to launch, underweight hedgehogs don’t wake up from hibernation, and worms surfacing in the spring rains after a long dark winter are promptly eaten.
Nature can be brutal. But there are also the unnecessary, human-made tragedies that our fellow animals are forced to endure. Maternal bonds are severed, bloodied babies die in the freezing rain, and mothers, unable to endure yet another breeding season, die in the agony of childbirth.
To bring a child into the world, to bond with it, to protect it with your very life, only to have it taken from you and killed as “food” is an unimaginable tragedy.
This is the reality, over and over and over again, of the livestock industry.
On a bad day, I can’t bring myself to look in the fields as we drive by. On a bad day I can’t handle the sight of another dead lamb or sheep, of babies shivering in the cold, of a mother rolling, struggling alone to bring her child into the world.

Can it please just stop?

Can it please just stop?
Please join us in one of our outreach endeavours this springtime. Help us to help people realize that we are not the only species who can have our hearts broken, who can feel fear, who can suffer. We have betrayed them. It’s time to make amends.