Teri Worthington

Moving Mountains

My intention this week was to mull over a couple of excellent articles I have read; one about the similarities between factory farms and Chinese ‘wet’ markets and another which calls for an end to animal agriculture in the light of millions of livestock being ‘culled’ as a result of processing plants and food …

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Normalised Violence

When we hold our Roadshow events, the most common thing I hear from the public is that they ‘only buy organic’ or ‘I only eat Free Range’, or ‘we buy grass-fed so we know they’ve had a good life’, or ‘we don’t eat much meat’, or ‘we buy local so …

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A Vegan Easter

Easter is a pagan festival. The date is not fixed but governed by the phases of the moon. The familiar symbols of Easter also hark back to pagan customs. The Easter bunny is thought to be from the pagan festival of Eostre, a northern goddess whose symbol was a rabbit …

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