Factory Farmed Animals – UK

The Estimated Proportion of Factory Farmed Animals in the UK from 2017 Data (Updated in 2019)
Source: Compassion in World Farming

AnimalMeasurementNo. of animals (head)% factory farmedNo. factory farmed (head)Basis for % factory farmed
Chickens reared for meat (broilers)Slaughtered in 20171,090,000,00089970,100,000Poultry World, 2019
Laying hens Population at 201744,132,49237.216,417,287CIRCABC EU 2017
Broiler breeders Population at 201710,000,000909,000,000Estimated from broiler data 
Turkeys Slaughtered in 201714,000,000659,000,000Multiple sources
Pigs reared for slaughter Slaughtered in 20179,970,000333,290,100Multiple sources
Breeding pigs & guilts Population at 2017416,00053220,480Free Farrowing Report 2016
Cattle and calves reared for slaughter Slaughtered in 20172,106,00010210,600Best estimate using limited data available
Dairy cows & heifers Population at 20171,896,00022417,120March, M. D., et al. “Current trends in British dairy management regimens.” Journal of dairy science 97.12 (2014): 7985-7994; calculated from this, adjusting using DairyCo 2011 data on herd size
Beef Breeding cows Population at 20171,589,000579,450Best estimate using limited data available
Lambs & sheep reared for slaughter Slaughtered in 201713,704,0001137,040Best estimate using limited data available
Breeding sheepPopulation at 201716,669,00000Best estimate using limited data available
TotalFarmed in 20171,204,804,461841,009,261,849 
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