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I’ve had about enough of the false marketing that is the media messages about climate change and how it can be changed.From so called ‘beauty’ product companies with their shampoo bars or their ‘sustainably sourced’ essences, food companies offering vegan options, cleaning products that are ‘90% plant based’ and, my particular favourite


Wow, March is here, the sun is shining and the birds are singing! It really feels like Spring is here, hurray! Of course, with Spring comes the heartache for us vegans that is fields full of lambs and calves. TV programmes showing life on the farm with farmers insisting that …

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Happy Veganuary!

Ok, yes, it’s almost done but it has definitely been a happy one! In fact, it’s been a record breaking one with 500,000 sign ups! Also, here at VOS we have welcomed 50 new members! Welcome everyone and this blog is for you! I have been so happy to see the …

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Hope… Something beautiful happened in the last fortnight: my heart filled with Hope! Allow me to explain: Hope is a beautiful 2 month old lamb who has not had the best start in life and when he came to me he had many issues. So many in fact that the …

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Vegan for the Wildlife

The trouble is, I worry about the wildlife I am leaving behind. These last couple of weeks I have been watching the second broods fledge; awkwardly flying short distances to be fed by attentive parents. I even spent an hour one evening keeping vigil over a fledgling Wagtail to see that it was being fed! Not that I could have done much if it wasn’t but I had to know! It’s been a stressful time watching over all these babies!

Beauty or beast?

05 July 2020 We are all used to the advertising campaigns for so called beauty products that claim to reverse or slow the aging process or make our eyelashes look longer or plump up our skin or nourish our hair, etc,etc.  We are also all aware of the well known …

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Using Someone

Over the last couple of weeks the news has been full of the protests sparked by the death of George Floyd in police custody in the US. The protests have been organised by Black Lives Matter, an international human rights organisation which campaigns against violence and systemic racism towards black people. …

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What We Can Do

What’s the point? That is a question that often pops into my head regarding Vegan activism. People just aren’t listening. My hopes that we may emerge from this pandemic to a better, more compassionate world are fading fast when I am already seeing queues at the local KFC drive through, …

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Saying goodbye

Today I had to have one of my lovely hens put to sleep.  Mavis became unwell a couple of weeks ago and a visit to the vet left us none the wiser as she had no temperature, nor fluid in her abdomen. A course of antibiotics was prescribed and she picked …

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