Edinburgh – Saturday 16 December

Edinburgh-Vegan Outreach Scotland

Saturday, December 16, 202310:30am – 3:00pm


Mercat Cross, Edinburgh

Amazing day at Mercat Cross Edinburgh- where 17 volunteers offered Vegnog, lentil stew and sushi from start to finish. (to a not so easy public) The format of group included a new display board plus the “We The Free” 3 minute video Challenge. The video challenge proved obviously difficult for some – I believe two people vouched to “go vegan” while some hid face or shed tears. All the “challengees” completed, so won a “goody bag”- this included prawn cocktail vegan crisps, Neo biscuits, various sweets and 3 discount offers from Easter Greens, Black Rabbit and Curran Geal cafe. VOS thanks, and encourages all of us to support them for being so generous.

Group has some of the nicest, kindest people within- whether talking to public for that bit longer, making an amazing recipe, finding the right leaflet or knowing when to guard the gazebo- all the things that allow events to emit and retain strength. Thank you Vegan Outreach Scotland

Event by Lorna Mindikowski and Vegan Outreach Scotland

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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