Edinburgh – Vegan Outreach Scotland Boxing Day Surprise – Tuesday, 26 December

Tuesday, December 26, 202312:00 – 2:00pm

Location: Mercat Cross, Edinburgh

🎉✨ What a Remarkable Boxing Day ✨🎉

In just a little over two hours, we distributed all 35 of our thoughtfully assembled goodie bags! 🎁 Each bag meant someone took the time to watch 3 minutes of eye-opening footage, followed by an in-depth conversation with one of our outstanding activists. This level of engagement is no small feat, and it’s all thanks to your dedication and skill. 👏💚

Highlights of the day:

  1. Meaningful Impact: Several conversations concluded with individuals inspired to become vegan or accept the Veganuary challenge: https://veganuary.com/🌱🗣️
  2. Team Effort: Justina M Kolberg Dhaval Patel Mayur Bhojane and Harry Jackson. Thanks for preparing the appealing goodie bags. Ready and perfect for the start of the event. And thanks for bringing the tables and devices on such short notice. This event couldn’t have happened without you. Teamwork at its best! 🤝🛍️
  3. Charismatic Engagement: Excellent job Rosie Rootz, Iain, and Monica! Your charisma and passion played a crucial role in drawing the public in to take the 3-minute-movie challenge. Evidently, your energy is infectious! 🎬👥
  4. Empathy and Understanding: I was particularly moved by the empathy our activists displayed, connecting with those affected by the footage on a deep and reflective level. Your ability to empathize while helping them see the victim’s perspective was remarkable. 💖🤗

To every single person who played a part in making this event a success – your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Your commitment, your voice, and your heart are what drive this movement forward. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and pride in what we accomplished together. The success of this event truly showcased the dedication and exceptional talent of each activist involved. 🌟🙌

Here’s to many more successful events 💪🌍

#VeganOutreachScotland #veganoutreach #animalrights #teamwork #vegan— with Dhaval Patel and 2 others.

Event by LP BovaRebecca Knowles and Vegan Outreach Scotland

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