Aberdeen-Saturday, 29 December

Sainsbury’s, Berryden Road, Aberdeen AB25 3SA

What an amazing day at Sainsbury’s Aberdeen showing folks how easy and delicious compassion can be!💚

We talked vegan cheese, asked compelling questions, and gave out stacks of Veganuary leaflets. Hearts and minds were opened to the unnecessary suffering of animals with several people committing to go vegan🎉👏.

A HUGE shout out to our gorgeous, indefatigable volunteers who radiated kindness and compassion. You guys rocked it!🤩 And of course, thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello, grab a leaflet, and take the Veganuary leap. We’re so excited to welcome you to the vegan fam!😍

Let’s keep the momentum going by inviting family and friends to go vegan in January by signing up at veganuary.com.

Together we can make 2024 the kindest year yet – for the animals and the planet. #Veganuary2024

With Mahalakshmi Abhishek, Peri Bí, Kit Bale .

Event by Rebecca Knowles and Vegan Outreach Scotland


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