Edinburgh – Saturday 20 January

Edinburgh: Vegan Outreach Scotland-Veganuary Event

Saturday, January 2012:00 – 2:00pm

Mercat Cross, High St, Edinburgh EH1 1RF, UK

🎉🌱 Incredible Success at Our Latest Vegan Outreach Event! 🌱🎉

Wow, what a day! Yesterday, alongside WTF: Glasgow, we wrapped up our third Veganuary street outreach event across Glasgow and Edinburgh, I’m overwhelmed with pride and gratitude for our amazing team. 🙌💚

Together, our 13 activists had 43 conversations and handed out 49 goodie bags. What’s even more heartening is that 20 people told us they were inspired to go vegan. I’ll comment the full stats below.


– One participant connected so deeply with our cause that they were astonished that we had to offer prizes to encourage people to watch the footage. We’ll share the full story in a comment below. ✨❤️

– Even after we ran out of goodie bags, several groups of people still wanted to take on the challenge, seeking only knowledge as their reward. One young man, after doing the challenge, confidently said there was nothing stopping him from going vegan. This eagerness to learn and change is exactly why we do what we do. 🌱📚

Thank you, Pamaloo ClarksonDhaval PatelRosie RootzMayur BhojaneJustina M KolbergFraser PršoAlan O’CallaghanDavinia R. DíazLuke RyanMax Swain. All of you played a crucial role in making this happen. Your dedication, empathy, and ability to connect genuinely with the public are what drive this movement forward. 🌍💪

A special shout-out to our new activist, Hari, who did an incredible job engaging with the public. Your enthusiasm and commitment were a big part of what made this event so successful. Thank you for diving right in! 🌟👏

If you are inspired by our work and looking to make a difference, join us! For week 4 of Veganaury, we are running this event again
on Saturday 27th January. 💚✊

Event by LP BovaRebecca Knowles and Vegan Outreach Scotland
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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