Edinburgh National Animal Rights Day 2023

June 4, 2023 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm Europe/London Timezone
Edinburgh, Scotland
Scotland 51.135570

Event by The National Animal Rights Day – UK, by Sasha Jolliffe Yasawi, We The Free – Animal Rights, Vegan Outreach Scotland, and others

Edinburgh, Scotland
Duration: 4 hr
Public · Anyone on or off Facebook
The 13th National Animal Rights Day (NARD) will be commemorated in the UK – along with 60 other countries and 200 cities around the world – on Sunday June 4, 2023!
This will be Edinburgh’s 1st NARD event!
It will start with our signature ‘Memorial Ceremony’ for the billions of animals who have lost their lives this past year by human hands, in various industries that still use and abuse animals. This year, the Memorial Ceremony will include a MARCH in the streets, and then a stationary ceremony in its final location. As customary at most NARD events, we will have several victims of these various industries with us, to whom we will pay respects and give a proper funeral service (and burial or cremation after the day). This is our time to come together as a community and mourn over the animals together.

The event will end with our signature ‘Celebration’ – with vegan food, speakers and performers – to educate the public about the benefits and joys of the vegan lifestyle, and to celebrate the wins that our movement has had this past year, towards ending the suffering of all animals and bringing about a vegan world! This is also a chance for us to celebrate each other, and our good individual and collective work for animals!

To RSVP to march/stand with us in the Memorial Ceremony, please:
1) Mark yourself as going
2) Add the hosts as Friends on Facebook
3) Host will get in touch with further instructions
More information can be found here:
The NARD UK Team

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